Academic/institutional relevance

The current expansion of Arba Minch University originates in the country’s ambition – as outlined in the 1st Growth and Transformation Plan – to produce skilled and relevant manpower for the economic development of the nation. The university is expected to produce highly qualified graduates, gender balanced, at different levels in different disciplines and to conduct relevant research to feed policy improvement and strategic planning. The problems identified and tackled in the different projects are reflecting the priorities of the strategic plan of the university. Yet, the university lacks trained staff at PhD level to contribute to quality research  and research based teaching. This cooperation with Flemish Universities will improve the performance of the university both directly and indirectly. Direct effects are obvious through the jointly designed research plans, the grants offered to reach PhD and/or MSc level or other training provided and through a general upgrade of specific facilities. However, the indirect effects are potentially much more important as they pertain to empowering AMU staff to become self-reliant, self-confident and proud scientists able to perform at an internationally respected level and generate the necessary funds. As a consequence, AMU will gain and maintain a highly respected position internationally which should attract scholars and students widely, thereby living up to the expectations the public has of a university.

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