About Institutional Quality Assurance Directorate

AMU Institutional Quality Assurance Directorate is one of the directorates at Arba Minch University with a mission of quality assurance of the processes, services and products of the university. The directorate stems from the Academic Development Resource Center (ADRC) which has achieved and contributed a great deal in the Continuous professional development of Arba Minch University Academic staff through trainings, Curriculum Development, Internal Quality Audit and Resource provisions since its establishment in 2005.

The EQIP project which has supported ADRC has officially ended in October, 2009. Due to the end of ADRC and based on the findings of BPR study in 2009, the need for establishing Institutional Quality Enhancement Center has arisen. This emanates from the need to bring about fundamental changes in quality enhancement and assurance of the inputs, the throughputs and outputs of the university activities.

AMU IQA Comes with a mission of serving AMU to excel in its services and products. The directorate aims to insure the provision of quality education and creation of responsible citizens, the opening of new programs based on stakeholders’ and customers’ need, the provision of community service with a highest quality and minimum cost, the conduct of societal problem-solving, demand driven research and the provision of support services with a highest customer satisfaction.