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About us

Arba Minch University Registrar and Alumni Directorate Office provide registrar and alumni services for 72 under graduate, 83 post graduates and 13 PhD programs in 2 Institutes, 5 Colleges and 3 Schools. OURADs is responsible for technology-based efficiencies to institutional record keeping at all levels and assume responsibility for the accuracy of granting degrees through the application of Student Management Information System (SMIS).Moreover, OURADs is the steward of the University’s student records from application to degree conferral in perpetuity and supports teaching and learning at Arba Minch University by maintaining the integrity of all academic policies along with the student information system. OURADs provide leadership in the planning, organizing, implementing and managing all the activities related to student admission, placement, readmission, enrollment, academic calendar, academic record service for alumni, graduations, monitor and control academic decisions, conducting tracer studies and other services.

The University Registrar is responsible for:

  • Developing and implementing proper mechanisms and instruments for the recruitment, admission, placement and orientation of new undergraduate students;
  • Coordinating and processing the recruitment, admission, registration, placement, and graduation of students;
  • Processing registration and course enrollment; schedule classes and exams; assemble and maintain student records;
  • Organizing, coordinating and overseeing the academic orientation of new undergraduate students to the University and to campus life;
  • Developing and implementing efficient and effective student management information system (SMIS) to collect, process, deploy and disseminate information and data on undergraduate and graduate programs, student population, and student activities;
  • Maintaining up-to-date records on curricula of programs and ensure that rules and regulations are adhered to and observed;
  • Preparing and issuing identification attesting to the admission status of students;
  • Preparing and publishing the yearly undergraduate and graduate catalog;
  • Announcing and advertising university programs to the public;
  • Organizing, maintaining and disseminating up-to-date information on student enrollment, admissions, withdrawals, completion, attrition and graduates;
  • Preparing and disseminating academic calendars after approval by the senate of the University;
  • Developing mechanisms for the timely certification of graduates;
  • Organizing and administering graduation functions, transcript evaluations, issuance of transcripts and other academic credentials for students and alumni;
  • Securing, maintaining and ensuring the integrity of all academic records;
  • Conduct tracer studies;
  • Strengthen alumni university relationships;
  • Charter duties and responsibilities to coordination offices and units under their auspices;
  • Perform any other duties as may be required by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


  • To Become an Icon of Excellence and the Leading Registrar and Alumni Directorate Office in Ethiopia and competitive in Africa by 2025.


  • Provide Efficient Customer Focused Full-Fledged Registrar Services by Deploying Qualified, Honest, Motivated Staff by Overcoming the Continuous Challenges for Excellence Through the Application of Appropriate Technology.


The Office of the University Registrar is committed to the following values:

  • Accountability:We carry out our activities with integrity, transparency, honesty and full responsibility.
  • Accuracy: correct interpretation and application of rules and policies, and correctness in all record keeping procedures and process outcomes.
  • Bias: We are committed to be impartial and serve without any bias.
  • Clarity:We minimize confusion and misunderstanding by clarifying policies, processes, procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Diversity:We respect diversity and provide gender balanced and inclusive service.
  • Excellence:We respond to requests in an efficient, courteous, and appropriate manner so that we can ensure excellent customer experience.
  • Integrity:We take our work seriously and ensure that all students, faculty and staff are taken care of professionally and ethically. Our office promotes the highest quality of professionalism, ethical standards, transparency and accountability.
  • Innovative technology:We continuously find ways to better develop our services to students, faculty and staff by providing reliable and creative technological solutions that align with our goals, while providing excellent customer service. We foster creativity and strategic planning to offer solutions for future obstacles.
  • Responsiveness: we provide timely, friendly, helpful and individualized information, service, and problem-solving assistance.
  • Trust: We build trust among ourselves and with the University community through our competence and dependability.