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Recently Graduated

You recently obtained your Arba Minch University degree and are now officially a member of Arba Minch University alumni network. We are looking forward to staying in touch. Discover what your Alumni has to offer you, how we can stay connected and what services you can make use of.

Stay Connected!

During your studies, you have made friends for life. A bond worth cherishing you have also formed a bond with your former teachers, and fellow students. Through the alumni network, you will be able to stay in touch with them. But the alumni network of Arba Minch University has more to offer you. It also opens your network to other former Arba Minch University students. A network spread out across the globe and consists of a rich variety of knowledge and expertise. Take advantage of this network and stay connected to other alumni and the university. How?

  • Update your details using the web form and receive our digital newsletter and invitations to events.
  • Join our exclusive Arba Minch University Alumni LinkedIn group
  • Like us on Facebook, YouTube and follow us on Twitter

Become a member of an Alumni Association.

Alumni Services

As a Arba Minch University graduate, you can benefit from:

  • Student Career Center, Job Openings, Career Advisers and Training up to 1 year after graduation
  • The opportunity for lifelong learning (with discount!)
  • Support in setting up your own company
  • Using sport center facilities (with discount!)
  • Privileges and 2% discount for registrar services

Stay Up to Date

There are several ways you can stay up to date on what is going on at Arba Minch University and within the Alumni Network.

  • You will receive a digital newsletter by email*
  • You are invited to alumni events in Ethiopia
  • On LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter you will find the latest news and facts.
  • Alumni associations often have their own updates through email or their websites.

*It will be always possible to unsubscribe.

Stay involved

Our alumni are our best ambassadors. Who knows better what it is like to study at Arba Minch University than our graduates. You can help future and current students with your experience. Interested in staying involved or giving back? Discover the opportunities.