5th batch of Doctors of Medicine to be graduated on 1st December

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College of Medicine and Health Sciences will be rolling out 5th batch of 76 Doctors of Medicine in a graduation ceremony to be hosted at New Auditorium, Main Campus,on 1st December, 2018, from 8.30 am onwards. It’s learnt that Minister of Science & Higher Education, DrHirutWoldemariam, will grace the function; relatives of graduates, AMU officials, well-wishers, friends and others will be in attendance.

College of Medicine and Health Sciences Dean, DrTamiruShibiru, said, this 5th batch of 76 graduates has 19 females and 57 males, but unlike every year, this time, during internship at Shelle, Konso, Mirab Abaya,Arakaand Humbo Community Health Centres, they have rendered remarkable services such as organizing blood donation camps and identifying issues i.e. clogged sewerage and unavailability of clinical apparatus called, Manuel Vacuum Aspiration (MVA), etc.

When College was informed about above issues, as part of community service, we immediately cleaned sewerage system at Shelle and donated MVA needed for abortion(miscarriage) at Araka Community Health Centre, he added.

Last year, AMU graduates had appeared in a National Eligibility Exam conducted by government in Addis Ababa, wherein most of our graduates came out with flying colors. On private practice, he said adding that doctors can start private practices after completing mandatory years of services with the government.

Reacting on infrastructural issues, he said most likely we avail services of guest lectures for our three batches; but last year the college has got its own four specialists that include a gynecologist-obstetrician, internist, dermatologist and a pediatrician that has strengthened staff capacity.In the final year, this 5th batch was exclusively trained by our own staff that is an achievement and guest lecture hiring has been curtailed down.

On whether all graduates get employed soon after coming out of college, he said, Ethiopia has shortage of physicians, it means all of them do easily get absorbed either in academic and specialty services in Gondar, Bahir Dar, Addis Ababa, Mekelle and St Paul Hospital and some of them had even been leading the institutions.

Elaborating further, he adds,you know medicine has two phases - preclinical and clinical, in preclinical,we have sufficient staff except for pathology, where we take services of guest staff. In clinical phase, we need physicians beginning from 4th and 5th year of studies. In surgery we manage by our own, but in pediatrics, internal medicine and gynecology,we continue to take services of guest teachers.

Adding further, he said, the main constraint is that we started sending staff for specialty services quite late and those sent don’t prefer to return. Probably unattractive salary structure that hasn’t been revised for the last four years and housing issues might be the apple of discord; incentive is there for physicians, who always run around all the time in treating patients but, the given compensation isn’t that significant.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)