AMU welcomes 27 PhD returnees; sets target for them

First time in the history of AMU, university in a program has accorded a warm welcome to its 27 staff members for completing PhDs from across the world in different streams. This maiden event will set the precedent as AMU has decided to welcome such group in February every year for acquiring PhDs; for it will encourage future PhD aspirants, said, Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Yechale Kebede.
University President, Dr Damtew Darza, inaugurating program, hailed successful completion of PhDs and reminded them of AMU’s expectation in enhancing quality of education, research and Community Service and other social interventions in improving lives of people. He also assured them of academic rewards suiting their corresponding contributions in strengthening teaching-learning environment in the university.

Welcoming PhD returnees, Dr Yechale Kebede, said, these PhD holders having enhanced their academic caliber from reputed global institutions should partake in research, enhance quality of education; integrate research output with academics and provide community service. At the same time, AMU would create conducive environment wherein promising staff will get chance to pursue PhD and females in particular would be given priority.

Elaborating further, he said, this year AMU has got 27 PhD returnees including a lone female candidate, Dr Genaye Tsegaye, who has completed her doctoral studies from KU Leuven, Belgium in Natural Resource Management, others got their PhDs from Mexico, India, China, Turkey, Germany and Ethiopia. As of now over 200 are pursuing PhDs in global and Ethiopian institutions of which over 13 are females.

He adds, this program is an extension of Doctoral Day we started few weeks back to evaluate the kind of problems being faced by doctoral students. Therefore, we want staff members to care for PhD degree so that they can further their academic profile and contribute constructively in teaching-learning process.

On gender parity, he emphasized, AMU wants 50% of female candidates to pursue PhDs and having acquired degrees, AMU will allow them to via for higher positions. For female aspirants, we are committed to create fairly conducive environment, especially; to those pursuing PhDs within our own University, we may establish a daycare centre for their kids so that they can concentrate on their studies, etc.

The first female PhD achiever, Dr Genaye Tsegaye, being highly elated for her academic achievement, said, I am very excited, but I know at the same time, I have huge responsibility to shoulder; to guide crop of females to break the glass ceiling and nurture ambition so that their traditional mindset is changed.

On the occasion, few PhD returnees including Dr Kassahun Ahmed, Animal Science, Dr Mulugeta Habte, Mathematics, Dr Daniel Woldeyes, Biology, Dr Tesfaye Gebremariam, Physics, Dr Kedir Mohammad, Water Resource Engineering, and Dr Seid Ahmed, History and Heritage Management presented the brief glimpses of their dissertations that helped them to earn PhDs to the gathering.

Later gathering also had discussion wherein two points as what is expected of them and from AMU. The program was organized by School of Post-Graduate Studies, AMU top officials and those holding doctoral degrees were in attendance; Dr Tesfaye Habtemariam conducted the program.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)