CIMPA to teach, train and establish Research School in AMU

Arba Minch University has formalized a yearlong partnership with International Centre of Pure Applied Mathematics (CIMPA) of France by inking an agreement to build the capacity of Master, PhD students and staff in mathematics by senior Professors; establishment of CIMPA Research School and African Mathematical School at AMU is on priority while professors can be an advisor and co-advisor for thesis. Click here to see the pictures

The pact was signed by Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr Yechale Kebede and CIMPA Executive Director, Ludovic Rifford, at President’s Office on 10th April, 2019; Math Faculty Dean, Dr Simon Derke, Academic Program Evaluation & Implementation Directorate Director, Dr Nigussie Tadege and others were in attendance.

Dr Yechale chairing the program, said, its good opportunity to exchange knowledge in mathematics as it will build the capacity of students and staff alike. We value CIMPA’s overture in building the capacity of African mathematicians as it will strengthen our teaching-learning and give an edge to our perspective in this part of the world. Historically, Ethiopia has had longstanding partnership with France, therefore, we hope this collaboration get strengthened further and yields better results.

Being elated for collaborating with CIMPA, he adds, we are very much interested to expand this ties in other disciplines as well. In the beginning Master, PhD students and staff are going to be benefitted and more importantly it will boost our global visibility. On CIMPA Research School, he said, this school will have a focal person, who will facilitate trainings and in all probability may launch sandwich PhD as well.

Visiting CIMPA Executive Director, Ludovic Rifford, giving lowdown on CIMPA, said, this institution is based at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis with a mission to promote research in mathematics in the developing world. It’s funded by France, Sweden Norway, Switzerland, while Germany and Italy are likely to be on board.

Elaborating further, he said, CIMPA builds bridge between mathematicians in the world; herein, we will teach and train students and help them to develop research proposals. Last year 7 professors were here to give courses to Master and PhD students for few weeks. This year again they will come for 3 to 4 weeks; and apart from teaching and training, the professors involved might become PhD advisors as well. This yearlong project, if goes well, might get extension later, he averred.

On PhD scholarship, he said, CIMPA is in contact with French Embassy, which always looks for foreign students seeking scholarships for doctoral studies, so hope there is a possibility of sandwich PhD.

On CIMPA Research School and African Mathematical School, he said, these schools will be for two weeks where several professors will give courses to participants from across Ethiopia and other African countries, but research topic has to be chosen by AMU. He reiterated that CIMPA will fund the travel and accommodation of participating students in these schools.

MoU states that AMU is required to identify and send the list of required courses, organize lodging and boarding of invited professors, ensure high attendance in classes and make students aware about CIMPA activities.

Similarly, CIMPA will identify suitable professors to teach required courses, facilitate the contract between invited professors and AMU, ensure participation of students and faculty members to CIMPA Research School and African Mathematical School wherein students can choose advisors for their thesis.

Prof Patrick Tchepuao from Cameroon, who played pivotal role in shaping up this collaboration, said, it’s the beginning of longstanding partnership that would probably fetch chances for AMU students to get PhD scholarship in Mathematics in France.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)