Community Service Directorate hosts 5-day training on education

AMU’s Community Service Directorate along with Gamo Zone Education Department has organized five-day training on four crucial strategic elements of education like pre-school education, special needs, continuing professional development and Gamogna language at Main Campus beginning from 15th to 20th September, 2019. Click here to see the pictures

When entire Ethiopia is talking about New Education Roadmap, Gamo Zone Education Department came up idea to team up with Community Service Directorate in orienting over 600 teachers from Gamo Zone is commendable; and we left no stone unturned to make it a success, said, Community Service Directorate Director, Dr Teklu Wegayehu

AMU made available required fund of ETB 770,000, while Gamo Zone facilitated all trainees in four above mentioned categories from different clusters. Special Needs has had 155 trainees, Pre-School Education 130, Continuing Professional Development 155 and Gamogna language 130 including 80 teachers from AMU Community School that add up to 668.

He further said that the objective of training was to upgrade overall standard of each segment. You know, pre-school is the first step that led the foundation of children’s education journey, wherein first 5 years of life of any student are of great significance and profound. But, in present situation these scientific issues are not appropriately addressed. Hence, such training will strengthen professionals to tackle challenges.

For example, on Gamogna, we have had texts ready but they are yet to be distributed to the teachers, we want they must reach in the right hands. Such trainings will prove to be the roadmap; it will equip teachers with apt techniques and aptitude so that students get to learn in a highly professional environment. Similarly, Continuing Professional Development form the base for any curriculum, he stressed.

Making an insinuation, he said, initiatives taken by different organizations had been fragmented and in future attempt will be made to mobilize willing organizations to come on one platform and organize such trainings in a highly organized manner. And, AMU will be forthcoming in making this dream materialized.

The training was imparted by four trainers from Addis Ababa specialized in Pre-School Education while remaining three aspects were taken care by AMU’s School of Pedagogy and Behavioral Science.

Gamo Zone Education Department head, Mr Enku Yohannes, gracing the event, said, such training may be scaled up in future in association with others and if budget is needed, we will discuss it with the Regional government. He adds such training is an imperative to bring about much-needed transformation both in terms of attitude and aptitude amongst teachers. And when teachers return to their respective workplace they can utilize knowledge gained to the students because it’s they who can become the change agent in the society.

He stressed that our prime objective is to standardize education system, therefore Gamo Zone is looking for a quality missing in present scenario; it will usher in required change. And we have arranged supervisors at zonal level to supervise the process of knowledge transfer in all respective schools. The right attitude will enable students learning in an environment conducive to their holistic growth, he summed up.

Some of the participating teachers had word of appreciation for the organizers. Teacher from Arba Minch Teacher’s Training College, Simenesh Wondemu, termed it unique as she learned different way to handle students’ special needs, she could grab altogether new outlook.

Muna Ataru, a kindergarten teacher hailing from Daramaalo woreda acquired new perspective specially in imparting education to small kids without using chalk and board. It has motivated me, said, Dawit Derese, a teacher from Chencha’s Bele Primary School, he further adds that it will help me shape students who would be responsible towards the society. Similarly, Daniel Dagnachew of Dingamo Primary School, said, such training must be given periodically to build our skills and capacities

(Corporate Communication Directorate)