AMU community rejoices in Dr Abiy Ahmed’s Noble Prize victory

Leading officials and entire university community, AMU President, Dr Damtew Darza, congratulated Prime Minister, Dr Abiy Ahmed, for winning The 2019 Noble Peace Prize for phenomenal efforts in ending hostility with bitter foe Eritrea in a short span of assuming his office. He said, we are proud of him and certainly strive hard to play constructive role in ensuring overall development of Ethiopia.

Expressing delight, he said, it’s not only the matter of great pride and happiness for Ethiopia, but also for entire Horns of Africa as it will strengthen our collaboration with Eritrea, Djibouti, Sudan and Somalia. It will keep the momentum up to sustain peace as it’s important next to the physiological needs of human beings and that’s what he has achieved.

Dr Damtew stresses that he has an inimitable style, great political acumen and humane understanding; he employs effective strategy to deal with problems and gets into the bottom to understand disputes and unsolvable political stalemate and with consensus he resolves them. And I am sure, under his leadership, Ethiopia will achieve development on all counts. His unprecedented feat will have cascading impact on people across Ethiopia and East Africa; at AMU, we are fortunate to represent a rainbow reflecting every colors of the society and we will continue to contribute best for peaceful co-existence, he quipped.

For Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Yechale Kebede, this astounding achievement belongs to entire Ethiopia and we love him for he has brought laurels to entire nation. This recognition will help us to create positive synergy that will help us to eliminate poverty and become middle-level nation.

Similarly, we need strong framework to foster diversity, which is very important for country like Ethiopia. And especially, in my arena, as a leader, I will put in more efforts to bring fruitful results to enhance the quality of education, produce competent graduates and this award will energize us for the same, he adds.

Research and Community Service Vice President, Dr Simon Shibru, said, showering praise on Dr Abiy for gaining this Noble Prize, he said, our Prime Minister has endeared himself with many by connecting with Ethiopian Diaspora spread across the globe. The most important thing is that he has put Ethiopia on the world map but now it’s time to look into wider dimension of internal issues that will ultimately bring peace and ensure economic growth.

Administrative Vice President, Dr Melkamu Mada, said, in Dr Abiy Ahmed, we all are winners as entire Ethiopia had shown willingness to establish friendly relation with Eritrea. Moreover, this recognition is very timely, as at this juncture we are in the transition phase and AMU as an academic institute will contribute in sustaining peace so that teaching-learning and allied services can be carried out successfully.

Scientific Directors of Institute of Technology and Water Technology Institute, Dr Alemayehu Chufamo and Dr Abdella Kemal expressing their deep pleasure said that our prime minister has set the example by leading from the front and we would love to follow his footsteps in doing things differently to make the difference.

Academic, administrative staff, students’ fraternity and others have joined the chorus of congratulating beloved Prime Minister in becoming a unique phenomenon in Ethiopian history, in the pursuit of peace.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)