AMU likely to sign big-ticket project worth € 1.7 Million with MSM

AMU officials headed by President, Dr Damtew Darza, today held a formal discussion with Netherlands based Maastricht School of Management’s senior project consultant, Mr Huub Mudde, to formalize nitty-gritty and thrash out modalities pertaining to big-ticket project funded by Dutch Government called, ‘Bright Future in Agriculture South: Quality and Employability of Ethiopian ATVET graduates in horticulture’ to be shortly signed between both partners.Click here to see the pictures

College of Agricultural Sciences Dean, Dr Yishak Kachero, the local coordinator for the project, informed that proposal in this regard was submitted last year and soon both parties will sign the formal agreement, of which kick-off workshop is slated to be held in January 2020. The project focuses on horticulture, value chain aspect, productivity in Rift Valley and water utilization in study belt.

The project said to have a provision of funding some Master or PhD thesis research in the framework of improving the production or productivity in value chain aspects. Its partners are agricultural Technical and Vocational Education Training Colleges (ATVETs) located in between Addis Ababa and Arba Minch. Unraveling details, he said, this big-ticket project with 3-year tenure will cost humongous € 1.7 Million (ETB 56,882,000), is funded by the Netherlands government.  

At the outset, MSM’s Mr Huub Mudde, senior project consultant in Institutional Entrepreneurship, said, the project is aimed at strengthening ATVETs by developing curriculum, imparting skill training. This 3-year project will boost food security in region coordinated by AMU’s College of Agricultural Sciences.  

During discussion at President’s Office with both partners explaining about their respective raison d'être. Dr Damtew Darza insisted for livestock development to be imbedded in the project profile and Master students engagement as well; Dr Melkamu Mada also asked for the same. Dr Yechale Kebede batted for synergizing while Dr Simon Shibru stressed for staff and students’ capacity building.

Mr Huub Mudde said project has potential focus on horticulture only; on synergizing, he said, AMU has knowledge on fruits and vegetables, so its internal responsibilities that will help to build on it. Similarly, on practical training for students, Dr Yishak Kachero informed that there is a provision to fund Master thesis research on competitive basis.  

Giving the low-down on MSM, Mr Huub, said, with focus on Master and PhD education in multi-cultural ambience that propels our research on entrepreneur innovation and economic development; in Ethiopia, he said, we believe horticulture sector has immense potential particularly in Rift Valley that can stimulate its tropical fruits sub-sector. Hence, it wants to boost horticulture sector and policy areas to enhance people’s skills to find opportunities.

The project agreement will be signed shortly as comments from across the board are to be incorporated. MSM will encourage multi-stakeholder partnership by setting up platform in the region that will bring private and public sectors together to pep up research that possibly will link water technology and specific needs in horticulture. With explicit focus on female talents, he adds, we invariably encourage institutions to insert the agenda of women empowerment in their respective curriculums across the board.

In Ethiopia, MSM works with Jimma University, Ethiopian Horticulture Producers & Exporters Association, Wolaiya Soddo University, Alage College and Bishoftu Polytechnic; in Netherlands, it partners with Acacia Water BV and South African Stellenbosch University.

In the project, AMU will be the lead beneficiary, while MSM implementing party on behalf of consortium members i.e. Roc Scalda Groen College, Elsenburg ATVET College, Stellenbosch University, Q-Point BV, Jimma University, Ethiopian Horticulture Producers & Exporters Association and Acacia Water BV.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)