Arba Minch University Senate promoted nine academic staff to Associate Professorship Academic Rank position on November 6/2023. Click here to see more photos.

Dr. Edget Abayneh from college of Agricultural Sciences  from department of Animal science,  Dr. Hailay Tesfay from college of Social Sciences and Humanities from department of Ethiopian Languages and Literature (Amharic), Dr. Tamru Tesseme from Arba Minch Water Technology Institute from faculty of Water Supply and Environmental Engineering, Dr. Tadesse Tujuba,  Dr. Dagnachew Daniel and  Dr. Bisrat Elias three of them from Arba Minch Water Technology Institute from faculty of Meteorology and Hydrology, Dr. Tolera Seda from College of  Natural and Computational Sciences from department of Chemistry, Dr. Birhanu Hiruy and  Dr. Binyam Wondale from College of Natural and Computational Sciences from department of Biology were the staff members who got promoted to Associate Professorship academic rank position.

To get promoted to this academic rank, any lecturer and researcher must fulfill the necessary requirements of effective teaching, research publication, community service and active engagement in institutional affairs in accordance with the AMU Senate Legislation Article 56/4 and MoSHE directive of academic promotion, AR01/2020.

Thus, the Senate checked the mandatory credentials endorsed by the Staff Development, Promotion and Scholarship Senate Standing Committee (SDPSC) and found that the candidates’ effective teaching of eight semesters, at least four publications, participation in at least three university affairs and community service of at least on three issues for Dr. Edget Abayneh, Dr. Hailay Tesfay, Dr. Tamru Tesseme, Dr. Tadesse Tujuba, Dr. Dagnachew Daniel, Dr. Bisrat Elias, Dr. Tolera Seda, Dr. Birhanu Hiruy, and Dr. Binyam Wondale is sufficient to fulfill the requirement for the promotion.

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