Mrs Tarikua Woldemedehin (MSc.),
VP for Business and Development
Main Campus, New Management Building
Tel: +251- 466 881 4190
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Mobile: +251-913469469
Office of the Vice President for Business & Development

The Vice President for Business and Development is accountable to the president and plays a vital role in the university's overall institutional development. It is in charge of establishing and advancing Arba Minch University Income-Generating Enterprises, providing knowledge-based training and consultancy services that generate revenue for the institution; it also works strongly enhancing university-community partnerships, organizing and coordinating community outreach programs. The construction, renovation, and extension of university buildings, grounds, and infrastructure are also on the cards.

Three offices accountable to Business and Development Vice President’s Office are:

  1. Income Generation Directorate
  2. Construction Project Office
  3. Arba Minch University Income-Generating Enterprise

VPBD’s Duties and Responsibilities

  • consults and assists the President regarding the powers and duties of the university;
  • directs and supervises the activities of the university organs accountable to it
  • implements the decisions and directives issued by the Board or Senate
  • plans, directs and supervises entrepreneurial enterprises and business units of the university and creates an entrepreneurial culture
  • plans, programs, directs and supervises new ventures and developments in the university and outsourcing of facilities and services
  • plans, programs, and manages capital investments of the university that are related to new developments and expansions
  • directs, leads and supervises the implementation of agreements and projects related to its domain with other organizations
  • Actively solicits national and international linkages and partnerships and executes the same
  • reports activity performance budget allocation, utilization and other activities of the units under it
  • prepares and submits business and strategic plans
  • undertakes other duties given to it by the President or/and the AMU Board