Taking their cue from university’s top officials, Institute of Technology, College of Business & Economics and College of Social Science and Humanities have recently signed cascading structure agreements in their respective campuses.

IoT Scientific Director, Dr Negash Wagesho, addressing  department heads, academic and administrative coordinators during the campaign, said, it will help to evaluate the performance and get it fine-tuned as it will strengthen follow-up and reporting mechanism.
IoT staff were urged to put in efforts in assimilating the system in letter and spirit as it will facilitate smooth implementation of ‘1-to-5 Education and Technology Development Army’ thus enhancing the quality of education.
All department heads and academic coordinators signed the agreements with Dr Negash; while administrative coordinators with Managing Director, Dr Alemayehu Chufamo, at New Hall, Main Campus on 29th October, 2015.
Dr Alemayehu, exhorted administrative staff to prepare weekly and daily plans and work hard to eliminate existing gaps. He also reminded them of their role to support academic activity to achieve the objective of the university.
College of Business & Economics’ delegated-dean, Mr Wondwosen Jerne, signed the pact with department heads, community service and research coordinators at management building, Chamo Campus on 5th November 2015. College’s administrative coordinators will ink the pact later and soon department heads will sign it with instructors.
College of Social Science and Humanities Dean, Dr Teshome Yirgu, signed the agreement with 8 department heads, Community Service and Research coordinators, at Chamo Campus office on 6th November 2015.
He said, it will make people responsible and efficient, as you know success isn’t achieved in isolation but with collective efforts. This document will serve as a guide for expected outcomes and be used as the mechanism to identify lapses.
In the later stage, School of Graduate Studies and School of Behavioral Science units’ coordinators will sign the pact followed by department heads with their respective instructors.