Mission & vision of the office

AMU-EDIC will become a center of excellence known for its high standard entrepreneurship development training, career development center and outreach services in developing entrepreneurial mind-set for creating decent job for youths in Ethiopia.

To help students, staff and the broader society by developing an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset thereby building their capacity to start, manage, diversify & expand business set ups through Entrepreneurial education, research & consultancy services so as to contribute to the advancement of economic development & social welfare of Ethiopia.

Background information

AMU-EDIC was established in 2015 by the office name of ``Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC) with the aim of developing entrepreneurial spirit among students and the community at large. Originaly the office was accountable under Business Development Vice President Office. However, currently the office is accountable under UIL-TT Executive Director, which is also under the supervision of VPRCS. EDIC has currently three coordination offices in the revised structure such as Entrepreneurship Training Coordinator, Career Development Coordinator, and Technology Business Incubation Coordinator.

Main activities of the office

  • Delivering Entrepreneurship training for students and community youths.
  • Providing consultancy and training service for enterprises in the community.
  • Delivering career development training for students.
  • Delivering employability and job searching skill for students.
  • Incubating business idea among students and community youths.
  • Conducting business idea competition among students and youths in the community.
  • Transferring feasible commercial idea/technology in to business for unemployed.

Contact Address
Name: Dr.Wondwossen Jerene Daare
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.