About the office

The office is responsible for controlling and regulating whether the financial, purchasing and property works are done according to the government’s rule, regulation, and proclamations and giving advice related to auditing for everyone in need.


The Grants and Collaborative Project Management (GCPM) is among the directorate offices established under the vice President for Research and Community Services, Arba Minch University (AMU).

Mission & vision of the office

AMU-EDIC will become a center of excellence known for its high standard entrepreneurship development training, career development center and outreach services in developing entrepreneurial mind-set for creating decent job for youths in Ethiopia.

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Accountable to the President's office

One of the offices reporting to the President's which is in charge of coordinating the development of moral and ethical behavior in the community by preventing corruption and malpractice in all services in accordance with the laws, decrees, and orders of the government at Arba Minch University in collaboration with two institutes, six colleges, and entire directorates that collectively aim to achieve the university's mission.