Institute of Technology’s (IoT) Mechanical department has conducted an internal review of undergraduate program (BSc) curriculum in Production & Metal Engineering in the presence of AMU top-officials at ICT Video Conferencing Hall, Main Campus on Sept. 9, 2014.

This five-year UG program is being launched with an aim to produce technically sound and practically competent engineers of global standard by equipping them with relevant technical knowhow to contribute towards the development of the nation.

Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Agena Anjulo, gracing the internal review program, said, ‘‘We are committed to cater to the need of Ethiopian Metal Engineering Corporation, which has urged Arba Minch University to produce skilled manpower in metal engineering.

He further adds, this course has been designed to satisfy the need of the country’s demand of demand-driven courses; and it’s an effort in that direction. The course will be launched in the new academic year, he averred.

Institute of Technology’s Scientific Director Dr Negash Wagesho, was of the opinion that though the participants have consensus on its nomenclature – Production & Metal Engineering, but when after two weeks external reviewers would look into it, we would comply with their valuable and constructive suggestions.

Most importantly, we have to evaluate whether the designed course is in line with country’s policy, will it benefit the graduates and serve the purpose of the nation. It’s the first draft, it would further get refined with multiple deliberations.

During the review program, Mechanical Department head, Mr Netsanet Ayele, apprised the gathering with the rationale and structure of the curriculum, goal, modules, course content compositions, program requirements, duration and nomenclature etc.

However, AMU officials are ready to accommodate the suggestions of the external reviewers to get the course more refined. It’s learnt that the external review for the same may be held after two weeks.


By Philips Joseph