The University is sited in five campuses based around Arba Minch town, with the Arba Minch Institute of Technology, and primary administrative units based on the Main Campus site, and the Colleges sited according to infrastructure and facilities, number of students, and proximity to field and institutional attachment and laboratories. The College of Medicine and Health Sciences, for example, is sited nearby Arba Minch Hospital.

Main Campus

The 'Mother Campus' is located at about 5km north of Arba Minch town on the road to Addis Ababa.

Abaya Campus

Located in Secha Kifle Ketema of Arba Minch town overseeing Lakes Abaya to the left and Chamo to the right.

Chamo Campus

Located at the southern end of Arba Minch in Secha Kifle Ketema overseeing Lake Chamo.

Nech Sar Campus

Located on the main road from Sikela to Secha, close to Arba Minch Hospital.

Kulfo Campus

Located on the main road from Main campus to Sikela, close to Kulfo River.