Historical Background of AWTi

Arba Minch Water Technology Institute is the flagship Institute of Arba Minch University which had its origin in September 1986 and it became an independent entity in December 2017. Since 1986, it continued to offer short & long-term trainings, carried out research and rendered consultancy services. AWTi got functional in September 1987 by enrolling 181 students in advanced diploma and diploma programs. Till 1993, it was controlled by Water Resource Commission, later it came under the umbrella of Ministry of Education.  In 1988-89, its two batches of 45 and 47 students were graduated in diploma and advanced diploma.


Arba Minch Water Technology Institute (AWTI) runs 4 undergraduate, 9 post-graduate and 3 PhD programs currently.  



Aspires to be the center of excellence in water sciences and technologies in Africa and competitive in the world by 2030



 Impart education on cutting-edge water technology to churn out competent graduates  


Programs and Faculties


Faculty of Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering

  • BSc in Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering
  • MSc in Hydraulics Engineering
  • MSc in Hydropower Engineering
  • MSc in Dam Engineering
  • MSc in Sustainable Water Resource Engineering (Phased-out)
  • PhD in Hydraulic Engineering


Faculty of Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering

  • MSc in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  • MSc in Irrigation Engineering and Management
  • MSc in Hydrology
  • PhD in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  • PhD in Groundwater Engineering



Faculty of Water Supply and Environmental Engineering


  • MSc in Environmental and Sanitation Engineering
  • MSc in Water Supply and Sanitation
  • PhD in Water and Environmental Engineering


Faculty of Metrology and Hydrology Science


  • MSc in Metrology (Phased-out)
  • MSc in Climate Change and Development
  • PhD in Geo-Informatics and Earth Observation for Hydrology