Arba Minch University aspires to be a leading university in Ethiopia, a centre of excellence in the field of water resources in Africa and competitive in the world by 2020.


Arba Minch University has a mission of offering relevant and quality education and training; conducting demand driven research and rendering accessible community services.

Goals and Objectives

The University shall have the following goals and objectives:


  • Ensure the quality and expansion of education and training
  • Advance research and consultancy works in various fields
  • Improve services to the community
  • Develop a conducive environment for learning and teaching
  • Increase the revenue, minimize the costs


  • Prepare knowledgeable, skilled, and attitudinally mature graduates in numbers with demand-based proportional balance of fields and disciplines so that the country shall become internationally competitive
  • Promote and enhance research focusing on technology transfer consistent with the country's priority needs
  • Expand higher education services that are free from any discrimination on grounds of race, religion, sex, politics and other similar grounds
  • Ensure that education and research promote freedom of expression based on reason and rational discourse
  • Design and provide community and consultancy services that shall cater to the developmental needs of the country
  • Ensure institutional autonomy with accountability
  • Ensure the participation of key stakeholders in the governance of institutions
  • Ensure the participation of all those concerned bodies in administration decision making, create and promote participation culture
  • Promote and uphold justice, fairness, and rule of law in institutional life
  • Promote democratic culture and uphold multicultural community life