Planning to apply for a collaborative project? Please fill-in this form. Usually, partners (funders) want a single project application from an institution. In such cases, to avoid multiple applications from AMU, the Grant and Collaborative Project Management (GCPM) director office centrally monitors new project applications. Therefore, the propose of this registration form is that (1) avoid multiple applications for a call if this is not needed; (2) connect AMU applicants to create synergies and submit a stronger joint project; (3) to support your proposal application through the AMU Seed Fund and finding partners from our local and international links. The GCPM office is immediately notified when you submit this form. We thank you for your cooperation! 

You can find the form here.

AMU ongoing collaborative projects registration form

All collaborative projects in AMU should be registered at the Grant and Collaborative Project Management (GCPM) director office. Project coordinators, managers, investigators need to submit relevant documents (proposals, MoUs, ToRs, and related) both in soft and hard copies. With these documents, the projects will be registered, coded and awarded letter. By end of next week, all of our collaborative projects will be visible to the global scientific community through AMU web portal.  

You can find the form here.

Application form for Seed Fund request

This is an application for Seed Fund (SF) request. The following requirements should be fulfilled to apply for SF. 
1. The SF scheme is applicable for ONLY collaborative projects (i.e., fully or partly externally funded project calls).
2. SF is applicable for calls with grants larger than AMU's grand project maximum allowed budget as per the working research guideline. 
3. The fund should be used for proposal design (not applicable for ongoing collaborative projects).
4. At least two-month period is needed for the deadline of the call. A month period can be allowed for a previously designed proposal (e.g., a grand project, etc.). If a grand project amendment, (a) all the investigators should agree (confirmation needed), (b) <10% of the budget is utilized, (c) the project will be terminated from AMU if externally funded and (d) investigators should justify the new innovations.  
If the upper pre-conditions are satisfied, an academic and research staff can apply for SF (50,000 ETB max). If an applicant gets >=75% points (based on the criterion below), he/she can submit a SF grant application proposal and submit the proposal for 2 reviewers in the related project area from AMU. The SF grant application proposal will be defended in public.

You can find the form here