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  1. To subscribe the Research Beeline Database using AMU Email address (Acadamic and graduate studnets). The ‘confirmation Email’ may go in to the ‘Junk Email.’ Try to confirm. If support needed, contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  2. To evaluate the Research Beeline Services, go to the link on the right-side in ‘B.’  
  1. Subscribe Research Beeline here 
  2. Research Beeline Evaluation Questionier is here.

Notifiy us when applying for a new collaborative project

Planning to apply for a collaborative project? Please fill-in this form. NB: Usually, partners (funders) want a single project application from an institution. In such case, to avoid multiple applications from AMU, the Grant and Collaborative Project Management (GCPM) director office centrally monitors new project applications. Therefore, the propose of this registration form is that (1) avoid multiple applications for a call if this is not needed; (2) connect AMU applicants to create synergies and submit a stronger joint project; (3) to support your proposal application through the AMU Seed Fund and finding partners from our local and international links. We will be notified and contact you. We thank you for your cooperation! 

Apply here.


Registration for an ongoing new collaborative projects


All collaborative projects in AMU should be registered at the Grant and Collaborative Project Management (GCPM) director office. Project coordinators, managers, investigators need to submit relevant documents (proposals, MoUs, ToRs, and related) both in soft and hard copies. With these documents, the projects will be registered, coded and awarded a letter.

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Application form for Seed Fund

Planning to apply for a large collaborative (joint) project? Do you need some Seed Fund to design the project? Fill-in the form on the right-side cell.

Apply here.