The Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC) team provides the primary management and support for computing and technology services within the University. ICTC manages the wired and wireless network infrastructure, campus computer classrooms and facilities, and maintains University owned computer equipment and peripherals.

ICTC also manages a number of Services, including the University's institutional Email, Video Conferencing, Antivirus control, Official Websites, the Internet Connection service, and systems such as the Integrated Library System and the Student Management Information System.

ICTC staff are currently working on a number of projects to enhance the University's ICT services and to support delivery of the University's administrative and academic functions in line with the University's ICT Strategy.

The team is the main source of support and advice for both academic and administrative departments on computing and technology issues.

Operational areas include:

  • ICT infrastructure development & services
  • Business application development & administration
  • Teaching and learning technologies
  • Customer Support
  • Training & Consultancy

ICT Center

P.O. Box 21
Arba Minch University

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TEL:- Office- 0468810638/0468811153