Arba Minch University becomes member of the international Universities Search and Rescue Council.

The signing ceremony held at Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, 30 different international universities of 20 countries became the founder member and signed the document on 24th April, 2012.

Prof.Dr. B.N. Upreti, Nepali expatriate academic staff, who is working in Arba Minch University as professor in the Department of Geology, has signed the document on behalf of Arba Minch University.


The main objective of the membership of this Council is disasters management and rescue service during natural and/or anthropogenic disasters as volunteer service. Prof.Dr.B.N. Upreti mentioned that, it is a unique kind of organization that involves the universities in the social matters. As an initial work Arba Minch University has identified funding volunteers to establish search and rescue club.

The university currently plans to offer training to the volunteers before engagement to the actual work.

Disasters are major incidents which cause serious disruptions to life and damage of properties. In such crises, public services operating under normal procedures demand prompt response.


Reported By, Geta Fekede

Public and External Relation Expert

Corporate Communication Directorate

Arba Minch University, July, 2012