AMU Project code 


Project status 




Project phase 


Partner(s)/ country(ies) 

Ethiopian Tourism Ministry and Ethiopian Tourism Commission 

AMU coordinating office(s) 

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies,  

Arba Minch University 

Project type 

Research, Community Engagement 

Project location 

Gamo and South Omo zones, Ethiopia  

Target communities 

Gamo and South Omo zones, Ethiopian Tourism Ministry and Ethiopian Tourism Commission, and AMU 

Project coordinator  

Dr Mulugeta Debele 

Project manager 

Dr Mulugeta Debele  


Dr. Mulugeta Debele (PI),   

Dr. Abera Uncha,  

Mr. Hailemariam Atinaf, 

Mr. Afera Azmeraw,   

Dr. Abren Gelaw, 

Other members from ESSTI and GII 

AMU budget contribution (€)  


Partners budget contribution (€) 


Total project budget (€) 


Project start 

24 Apr 22     

Project end 

08 July 22 

Contact person (e-mail) 

Dr Mulugeta Debele (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; )  

Project Management Office 


Office of the Director for Grant and Collaborative Project Management: Dr. Thomas Torora (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Generally, to develop geodatabase and web-enabled based tourist site attraction map, the existing tourist sites, uses of the map as well as other tourism features, services and land and water points are important to existing operations. In this regard, geoinformation products and solutions provide information that can be related to tourist site attraction mapping and these products and solutions would support the integration of various datasets to develop scenarios for delivering an effective solution for sustainable management of the tourism industry in Ethiopia. Moreover, tourist maps have the potential of mapping popular landmarks that are points of interest for both national and international tourists.  GIS and remote sensing have a good potential to collect, store, analyze and map the existing tourism site. They also provide information to promote the industry as well as support planning of new ecotourism development in line with the existing nature reserve areas or national parks with natural and cultural heritages. Therefore, the main objective of the project will to develop a tourist site inventory map for Gamo and South Omo zones using Web GIS and Remote Sensing Technology. Accordingly, the deliverable of this development orientated project will contribute a lot to realize the Ethiopian government Homegrown Economic Reform plan (2010 to 2030).