Completed projects

  1. Climate Reliability and prediction of malaria incidence over SNNPR
  2. Implementation of low cost technology for biogas generation from kitchen wastes in AMU student cafeterias (Main Campus)
  3. Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) about HIV/AIDS among women of reproductive age group in selected urban areas of KembataTembaro and Gamo Gofa Zones, Southern Ethiopia
  4. Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Crop Production of SNNPR, Ethiopia and adaptation options
  5. Bio-activity guided Characterization of biocides and biodyes from Jatrpha and castor seed oils.
  6. Simultaneous saccharfication and fermentation of vetiver grass for production of biofuel; an integrated approach
  7. Biosorrption Removal and Recovery of Heavy Metal Ions (Cr+6, Pb2+, Hg2+ and Cu2+) from waste water by using Untreated and Treated Coffee Husk; An advanced method
  8. Socio-Economic impacts of textile wastes in Arba Minch, Hawassa and Addis Ababa Textile industries.
  9. Phytoremedation of Tannery effluent by Teff & Wheat Straw & Evaluation of its toxicity by lentil and maize.
  10. Survival of Patients Using Antiretroviral Therapy by Pass up Stigma, Omo Valley South Ethiopia
  11. Biodiversity Conservation Challenges And Their Effects On Ecotourism: A Comparative Study
  12. GIS Based Suitability Analysis For Crop Growth And Identifications Of Productive Area For Potential Crops In Abaya -Chamo Basin
  13. Physico Chemical Analysis Of Waste Water From Textile Industry: A Case In Arba Minch,  And Awassa Textile Industries
  14. Statistical Analysis Of The Effect Of Parental Socioeconomic And Demographic Determinants On Self Esteem Of Orphans; A Case Study Of Gamo Gofa Zone
  15. Detection Of Copper And Zinc (Heavy Metals) In Both Water And Some Tissues Of Two Fish Species (Nile Tilapia And Nile Perch) Of Lake Chamo, Ethiopia
  16. Challenges To Enhance The Academic Performance Of Physics Students In Higher Governmental Institutions With Reference To Dilla, Arbaminch, Wolayta Sodo And Hawasssa
  17. Assessment of The Feasibility Of Solar Home Systems Installation In Rural Arbaminch Area; By Considering The Socio-Economic Ecological Potential
  18. The Impact Of Demography and HIV Related Risk Behavior Factors On HIV Status: A Case Of Gamo Gofa zone Free Standing VCT centers
  19. Treatment Of Cr6+ With MoringaStenopetala Seed Extract From Tannery Effluents
  20. Shocking Truth Of Climate Change And Soil Erosion As a Result Of Land Use Change; Structural Equations Modeling.
  21. Statistical Analysis Of Factors Affecting Poverty Status Of Rural Residence; The Case Of  Uba Debretsehay, Daramalo, Kucha And Kamba Woredas

On-going projects

  1. Extraction and synthesis of different natural plant dye around chencha area.
  2. Analysis of wind power potential  for Konso area
  3. Evaluation of self-esteem of people living with HIV AIDS using logistic regression model : GamoGofa district, Ethiopia
  4. Engineering Geological and geotechnical investigation of Arbaminch town
  5. Statistical modeling of crime severity among young in SNNP Regional state
  6. Urban quality of life in administrative cities of SNNPR, Ethiopia
  7. Antimicrobial Activities and Characterization of Selected Medicinal and Poisonous Plant
  8. Stochastic Modeling of lake abaya water level, Ethiopia.
  9. Low-Cost Alternative for Heavy Metal Removal from Industrial Wastewater by Using Dried Water Hyacinth (EICHHORNIA CRASSIPES
  10. Removal of fluoride from ground water using Rice husk and MoringaOlifera around konso and Hawassa area
  11. Diagnostic X-Ray Film Reject Analysis and Quality Assurance Tests at Three Selected Governmental Hospitals of  SNNPR, Ethiopia
  12. On Groundwater Potential Site Identification For Shallow Well Drilling, Spring Development And Evaluation Of The Water Quality; Northern Goffa, Gamo-Goffa Zone, Southern Ethiopia
  13. Conflict Resolution through sustainable forest harvest: A case of woyide forest conservation status, southern Ethiopia.
  14. Micro dam site investigation on Mishakare and Goyro River for irrigation Purpose, Gamo Gofa, SNNPR, Ethiopia
  15. Bayesian Regression Modeling of Saving habits of Employees in GamoGofa zone, SNNPR
  16. Stochastic modeling of AIDS disease progression and ART response on HIV/AIDS and HIV-TB co-infected patients
  17. An Ethino Botanical Survey Of Traditionally Used Medicinal Plants In ChenchaWereda: Gamo Gofa Zone, Ethiopia
  18. Determination Of Childhood Under Nutrition And Under Weight Prevalence In Gamo Gofa Zone
  19. An Assessment Of Water Quality And Biological Integrity Using Biological And Physico Chemical Parameters Along Kulfo And Sille Rivers, Ethiopia
  20. Knowledge, Attitude, And Practices (KAP) About HIV/AIDS Among Women Of Reproductive Age Group In Urban Areas Of KembataTembaro Zone SNNP, Ethiopia
  21. Phytochemical Investigation And Antimicrobial Test Of Chemical Constituents From Root Bark Extract Of Croton Macrosrachy.
  22. Development seasonal Rainfall & crop Yield prediction model by assessing Climate Variability and its cause over Ethiopia