Mathematics Department in a nutshell

Overview of Department

The department came into being along with Arba Minch Water Technology Institute (AWTI) in 1986; by then it was functioning as a section under basic science department. And when the faculty of Applied Sciences was established in 2004 as AWTI got metamorphosed into full-fledged Arba Minch University, it became one of the departments under the faculty. It’s an inherently interdisciplinary subject that covers wide spectrum of scientific activities; its dealing with problems arising in the physical, life and social sciences as well as in engineering and provides a broad qualitative and quantitative background for use in these fields. The method of mathematical modeling and analysis provide a unification and mutual enrichment of ideas from many different areas, and a deeper understanding of the fields to which, it is applied. Applied mathematics draws up on concepts and methods of mathematics from the fields of application and in turn, brings ideas, techniques and scientific knowledge back to influence the development of mathematics.


Owing to its nature, mathematics appeals to people with a variety of different interests, ranging from those with a desire to obtain a good quantitative background for use in some future career, to those who wish to have a better understanding of the basic mathematical aspects of other fields, or to those who are interested in the basic techniques an approaches in themselves.




The department of mathematics aspires to be one of the leading departments in the fields of pure and applied mathematics in east Africa by 2025.




The department of mathematics has a mission of offering relevant and quality education and training; conducting demand-driven researches and rendering accessible community services.


Academic Programs


Under-Graduate program


The department has a BSc degree program in mathematics in regular and summer modes. Currently it has 149 students in the regular program of which 106 are female and remaining are male students. In summer program, 243 students are pursuing their study in the department.


MSc program


The department has two MSc degree programs: MSc in both regular and summer modes in different streams and other M.Sc. degree in mathematical modeling.


In regular


M.Sc. degree program in mathematics: The department has following streams:



Differential Equations

Numerical Analysis


Analysis Currently


Currently, 11 students in M.Sc. degree program in mathematics and four in mathematical modeling program are pursuing their study.


In summer Program: The department has following streams in M.Sc. program in mathematics:


Differential Equations

Numerical Analysis


Mathematical modeling and functional analysis


130 students are pursuing in the summer M.Sc. program in mathematics


PhD program

The department has PhD program in Operations Research (OR) in regular mode. Operations Research is the discipline of mathematics applying advanced analytical methods to support decision-making. It is also sometimes referred to as Management Science or Decision Science. The discipline draws on knowledge from mathematical and computing sciences to analyze complex decision-making problems with a view of obtaining optimal solutions. This program is attended by only six male students.


Currently it has launched three PhDs in following subjects to begin by second semester.


• Algebra

• Differential equations

• Numerical Analysis


Overseas support


Prof. Shiferaw Birhanu (Temple University, USA) and Prof Abdulkadir Hasen (Rowan University, USA) have frequently visited the department.


Seminars, trainings


The Department has seminar presentation every Friday where the staff members present their research works. It has also provided trainings on C++, MATLAB, LaTeX, and mathematical modeling for the staff.


Mathematics Club


The club supports and guides students by providing tutorials and trainings.


Physical facilities


The department has its own computer laboratory and common library with other departments.


Contact Us


Department head: Mr Teshome Bayleyegn

Mobile phone: +251964078189

Department E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. et