Biological science has played a significant role in the country’s growth especially in the agricultural and medical sector. The department of Biology has more than 50 well-qualified and trained teaching and non-teaching staff members performing their duties as per their best of capacity. Among these, 20 are on study leave in the country and abroad. The department also has 6 expatriate. Currently, the department comprises of 6 assistant professors (3 local and 3 expatriate), 1 Professor, 18 master holders, 7 BSc and 11 technical assistant capable of running various Program in the department.  The department also designed the curriculum and run two MSc program Botanical sciences and biotechnology since 2009 in addition to a regular BSc program.


The department aims at producing qualified and responsible citizens and developing sustainable community based researches in conservation and proper utilization of bioresources.


The mission of department of biology is to serve the community and the nation at large both in research and teaching. Educating and preparing students to contribute for the betterment of their country and signify the usefulness and reputation of biology department in the community. We do this through a partnership of students and teachers in a unified spirit looking forwards the country’s growth and transformation plan.


  • Ensure the quality of education and training
  • Conduct problem solving basic and/or applied researches in various fields andserve the community
  • Establish a systems and create conducive environment for learning and teaching

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