General Service Administration Directorate is one of the directors under the Administration Affairs Vice president.

It is organized in to two teams:-

  1. Transport administration and vehicles maintenance team
  2. Basic service delivery and maintenance team.

Transport administration and vehicle maintenance team is again organized in two teams:-

  1. transport administration team and
  2. Vehicle maintenance team.

Transport administration team manages, administrates and deploys transportations services for both academic and administrative staffs.

Vehicle maintenance team makes services for the vehicles timely, maintain and repair vehicles partially as well as fully when the maintenance and repair issue happens.

The second services provided in General Service Administration Directorate is basic services such as electric, water, cleaning, beautification, duplication and telephone service delivery and maintenance services. This department is also organized under five sub groups such as

  • Electric, Generator and pump service delivery and maintenance team,
  • Water and Sewerage service delivery and maintenance team,
  • Cleaning and campus Beautification service team,
  • Printing and Duplication team and
  • Telephone service facilitating team.

The Directorate has different professionals such as Economist, Management professionals Auto Mechanics, Auto Electricians, Electricians, Plumbers, Sanitarians, Drivers etc.

Director Name: - Alemayehu Wolde E-mail:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: - 0912053293
Tele: - 0468814675