Arba Minch University under its office of the UIL-TT Directorate is planning to convert the various research outcomes to products, services or processes which benefit the community at large.

Technology Transfer & Commercialization Office (TTCO) under the umbrella of UIL-TT Directorate is established to facilitate the development and commercialization of various technologies to the community. It is planning to identify, evaluate and transfer the available technologies to the community in collaboration with different stakeholders.

The main objective of AMU technology transfer office is:

To serve as a bridge between researchers and the business community, through technology transfer; innovations may be incorporated into products or services that directly benefit society, research and education at AMU.

Some ongoing works

1. AMU has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hawassa-based South Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region Information Communication Technology Agency. For realizing the objectives of this agreement we are working on the provision of the TBIC (Technology Business Incubation Center). Some of the aims of TBIC are to provide a vibrant environment for graduate students to establish IT ventures and to learn valuable business and technical skills. It will provide infrastructural, business development and investment support to the tenants.

2. AMU has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with South Nations, Nationalities and People’s Regional Mines and Energy office. The work focuses on the potential assessment for availabilities of minerals in Sagan zone Burji  Woreda

3. The three technically checked technologies which are ready to be transferred for the societal use:

1. Demonstration of improved ILCA internal agitator

2. Modification of Injera Baking Machine for Filled Transfer

3. Prototype Production of sliding White/Chalk Board

Future Perspectives:

• Facilitate conditions to create joint agreement between University and Industries, University-Technical and vocational educational colleges and university-research centers.

• Serve, manage, and transfer Arba Minch University owned intellectual property to benefit society.

• Transfer inventions and innovative knowledge to outside organizations

• Provide a comprehensive technology transfer system.

• Commercialize AMU research discoveries for societal benefit.

• Support economic growth by introducing new technology to the society.

• Generate income for future research, development and education at AMU.

• Provide long and short term trainings that upgrade or scale up the knowledge and skill of professionals in University and centers of Vocational education, industry and research.

Contact us:

Dr. Tolera Seda

P.O.Box 21

Tel: +251468814711; +251947414561

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