Arba Minch University’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) Directorate that has been providing diversified IT & communication solutions to the university community upgraded its internet access speed from 100 to 200mbps. ‘‘Previously, our internet speed was 100mbps that ultimately proved to be inadequate for the increasing numbers of students, academic, administrative staff and different stakeholders. Therefore, to address the needs of huge volume of internet users, internet access speed has been doubled that will make connectivity faster, said ICT Director, Dr Hussein Seid.
ICT Directorate that began its services in the year 2004 with minimal 56kbps had few users. In 2006, it roped in V-Sat; however, then the number of users weren’t high yet connectivity used to be slow.
In 2007, ICT introduced broadband services with 100mbps continuously have been offering myriad of IT services but innumerable users would frequently encounter problem of connection getting slow. This 200mbps speed will solve the vexed technical issues, ICT Director informed.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)