Grand Kulfo Watershed Project’s core team in a meeting evaluated the progress being made by all five committees in their respective realms. President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes, at the helm, while taking non-performing team to task asked others to scale up the efforts.

ዓለም ዓቀፉ የነጭ ሪባን ቀን በዩኒቨርሲቲው የሥርዓተ ፆታ ጉዳዮች ዳይሬክቶሬት እና በሜሪ ጆይ የልማት ማኅበር ጥምረት በ26/03/2008 ዓ.ም በዋናው ግቢ የስኬታማና ታዋቂ ሠዎችን ልምድ በመካፈል ተከብሯል፡፡ Click here to see the Pictures.

On 26th November 2015, at Arba Minch University, Ethiopian socio-cultural splendor come alive with all its primordial multi-cultural traditions and pristine ethnicity as university celebrated 10th Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and People’s Day with overflowing patriotic fervor. Click here to see the Pictures.

Digital Factors, Dubai-based firm that offer different security ID solutions world-over, roped in by  AMU to provide Smart ID cards to students and staff community has began data encoding and card production. Click here to see the Pictures.

College of Medicine and Health Sciences in collaboration with Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, Imperial College, London and Evidence Action has recently conducted three-day training on Schistosomiasis (SCH) and Soil Transmitted Helminthes (STH) for supervisors and monitors. Click here to see the Pictures.