Arba Minch University is all set to launch a PhD program in Operations Research (Math) in the next academic year 2007 EC. In this connection, College of Natural Sciences’ Department of Mathematics has conducted an internal review on PhD Curriculum in Operations Research at Lecture Theatre on 2nd July, 2014; with this, AMU will have two doctoral studies to its credit.
Opening the workshop, Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Agena Anjulo, reiterated, ‘‘This proposed PhD curriculum developed on African initiative is important since Ethiopia is in need of skilled professionals in Operations Research which will be helpful for all development sectors. After the first PhD in Irrigation & Drainage Engineering, it will be the second one to be launched in new academic year.

Ethiopia belongs to the regions where the lack of economic and technical capabilities is limiting the development of water resources. To tackle these prime challenges, Ethiopia has been implementing the principles of ‘grow green’ as described in its strategy for climate resilient green economy, which late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi termed it necessity and an opportunity to be seized, said Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Agena Anjulo.


College of Business & Economics’ Department of Economics has conducted an internal review workshop on one of its two new Post-Graduate programs to be launched in the next academic year – ‘MA in Development Economics’ at Lecture Theatre, Main Campus on 25th June, 2014. MSc in Agricultural Economics is the second program department is contemplating to introduce.