Poverty is our main enemy and education is the instrument to exterminate it for better tomorrow. Nevertheless, from 2 universities with 36 colleges to 34 of them with over 500 colleges in the span of 20 years, is a remarkable achievement for us, said the Education Minister, Mr Shiferaw Shigute. Pictures from the meeting.

In the friendly soccer match played between Arba Minch Management Team and Presidents’ of 34 Universities in the backdrop of AMU’s 25th anniversary, the host team has put up brilliant show registering victory over Guest Team 2-0.

This friendly tie has done two important things to AMU; first it has cemented the bond with 34 universities; secondly it has showcased an inherent sporting talent of the top AMU officials to the visiting dignitaries.

Arba Minch University’s ongoing 25th Anniversary celebration kicked off at Main Campus with the opening of exhibition seems to be getting better with every passing day. Abaya and Chamo have already put up good show, but Kulfo Campus has made it in a unique style.

Having attained the status of a university, Arba Minch University, initially had few pupils, now it’s hosting 23,329 students, which speaks volumes about its rapid development. Now it’s rated as one of the premier education institutions, proactively contributing in nation’s development by churning out trained professionals in water technology in particular, Dean of Social Science and Humanities College, Mr Tesfaye Alemu said.

This week-long exhibition is going to be very interesting as all the participants including water engineering and other departments have put up innovative models of all the existing dams of Ethiopia in a single room. And, I hope when other universities would come, they will enjoy it, the Arba Minch University Board Chairman, Mr Tagesse Chafo said.