‘‘Ethiopia has ushered in epoch-making changes in the past 21 years that has been recognized worldwide. And among these visible changes, education sector is the key where issues like strengthening enrolment, gender equality etc. were looked into that have spurred economic growth and capacity building. To achieve this, government has played more constructive role by taking requisite steps like creating needed educational infrastructure, recruiting faculties from within and outside the country etc.,’’ said Arba Minch University President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes.  Pictures of the Graduation Ceremony

Arba Minch University President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes in a brief interview has listed out series of corrective measures to be taken by AMU to create conducive environment for girl students to successfully complete their courses and pursue right career in life.

On the question of girls faring poorly, he said, ‘‘Compared to yesteryear's our statistics say that number of female graduates has increased. However, we are taking strong measures and a system would be in place to arrest the attrition of female graduates. 

He is shy, introvert yet very expressive. He might look timid but his intensity accompanied by inbuilt poetic temperament has got him anchored in the reality of life. He thinks more from heart then mind, thus his angst and agony for those at the receiving end find its way through poems.

Zemenu Haddis Desalew, 24, the overall topper for this academic year 2012-13, from College of Social Science and Humanities hails from Amhara region in Debayitilatgin district. He has great penchant for Amharic language; and the results is evident as he has secured GPA 4, leaving 34 of them trailing behind.

Mr. Jemal Said Ebrahim has scored a GPA of 3.96 and he is the top candidate in his field of study in AMU.  When asked, how he got this, he replied saying that he had worked hard.  “I have been studying for more than 8 hours per day” says he and this has helped him to stand first in his field. He had studied hard in primary and secondary schools and he has been reading extra books part from classes. He has been reading not just class books but other subject books as well and this has kept him abreast with knowledge.

Mr. Yenealem Ewentu Jewdie of Economics Department has something to feel proud of for what he has done.  He has score 3.94, a very high score among all economics candidates, something which has earned him topper model for his class in the Graduation ceremony.  “I study hard, from primary school to college and I put in around 8 hours of work perday” he says.  Also, he likes to read books on many subjects written by scholars and authors and that has been published on many subjects.